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Vulcan Kettlebell Lifting for Athletic Performance Certificate course

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Organized By: Cyrus Peterson


Kettlebell Lifting for Athletic Performance

Course Description:

This course will take all participants through complete technical progressions of the competitive kettlebell lifts--the Jerk, the Clean and Jerk (a.k.a. Long Cycle), and the Snatch--as well as their associated movements and assistance exercises. At the end of the course, attendees should not only expect to be able to perform the lifts correctly themselves but also to have learned simple and easy to understand ways of coaching others to perform the lifts. The course includes classroom and practical (hands-on) portions. Course duration is over one weekend and lasts approximately 14-15 hours, with up to 10 hours being practical and 4 - 5 hours lecture-based. It is recommended for Strength & Conditioning/Sports Performance, Health & Fitness, and beginning level coaches.

About Coach Peterson:

Cyrus Peterson started Advanced Training Concepts (ATC) in 2008. Located in Charlotte, NC, ATC is the first and only kettlebell sport-specific training facility in the southeastern United States. His coaching of the ATC Kettlebell Lifting Team has elevated athletes from amateur to professional status. His students have competed in national and world championship level competitions in the U.S. as well as internationally. Coach Peterson is highly requested as a subject matter expert on kettlebell lifting due to his involvement in many different dimensions of the sport. He instructs certification courses for kettlebell sport organizations and has organized and hosted competitions. Peterson also has authored judging requirements for kettlebell sport organizations, acted in the capacity of Head Judge, and competed as a kettlebell athlete himself. His work has been featured on television and in printed publications. Over the course of Coach Petersonís 20+ years of experience in various forms of weightlifting and fitness, he has been certified as a Kettlebell Teacher by the IKFF; a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Kettlebell Lifting Coach and Master Trainer by the WKC; an Advanced Level Kettlebell Instructor by the KBC; a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach; and has obtained multiple certifications from various personal training organizations. Cyrus is dedicated to the promotion and expansion of kettlebell sport and continues to facilitate this process via organizational leadership, personal business, and professional coaching endeavors.

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Doug Bridges wearing his belt from 248 pounds. Currently 188 pounds and 13% body fat, Rank II Kettlebell Lifter.

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