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Cyrus Peterson’s KettleHell BootKamp at Advanced Training Concepts is the best workout I’ve had since I was a collegiate athlete – nothing remotely compares! I am 32 years old and ran track in college. I thought I could never get back into the shape I was in when I was running at ASU. Well, I was wrong and with the help of Cyrus I am almost there. I decided to get serious about getting back into shape when I received a poor report card from my primary care physician last year.

I am ecstatic with my physical results – losing weight and body fat. I am most happy with the impact the training has had on my cholesterol levels. Heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure do not run in my family and I was shocked when I got my results back in July 2008 that showed my cholesterol was approaching 300. That was extremely scary, but it still took a little while for to really buckle down and start the process. It was not until I found a class that was similar to the training I did when I was in college that I really decided to put forth a huge effort to lose weight and get healthy. karen houston resultsSince I started in April, I try to attend at least 3 BootKamp sessions per week. My physician was amazed at my progress and even wrote “Wow!” beside my cholesterol results. I cannot thank Cyrus enough for his help.After only three months of training these are my before and after stats:


I have received tons of compliments on my transformation. Thanks Cyrus!

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Doug Bridges wearing his belt from 248 pounds. Currently 188 pounds and 13% body fat, Rank II Kettlebell Lifter.

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