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I lost 20 pounds with the Get Results 20/60 Weight Loss System and I feel great. The best thing about the program is the convenience of it. I was always trying to eat the right things and the correct amounts but it did not seem to be working. During the program,meal plans are prepared for you to help you meet your health and fitness goals. These plans are revised every two weeks with some changes depending on the results from the previous weeks. In addition, the meal plans are prepared specifically for you so you can take out or add foods that you do or don't like. So...if you eat exactly what is on the plan that was prepared for will see results. The way the plan is set up it also teaches you or reminds you how to eat correctly including portion sizes and good choices. I have recommended this plan to several of my friends and hope that they give it a try.

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Doug Bridges wearing his belt from 248 pounds. Currently 188 pounds and 13% body fat, Rank II Kettlebell Lifter.

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