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Why Train With Kettlebells?

No other modality enhances every performance system of the human body like the Kettlebell!

Within a 30 minute workout you can build muscle, burn fat, increase flexibility, increase tendon and ligament strength to prevent or rehabilitate injury, increase your VO2 max, as well as maximize strength and explosive speed.

The Kettlebell trains the entire body in multiple planes of motion in ways that conventional weightlifting and machines cannot. The dynamic, ballistic and unstable nature of kettlebell lifting demands total body involvement as well as complete mental focus. The core and the posterior chain are intensely engaged through kettlebell lifting and many lifters report restored range of motion and flexibility that they haven't possessed in years.

Common injuries and ailments such as lower back pain, shoulder instability, Lower Cross Syndrome, and even poor posture from sitting at a desk all day can all be rehabilitated with the kettlebell. Virtually all of life's day to day activities are enhanced significantly.

As for fat burning; kettlebell lifting once again stands in a class by itself with intense kettlebell workouts burning as much as 20 calories per minute.

Athletes and teams are dramatically increasing their performance through kettlebell training. Lance Armstrong, Vanderbilt University, Wake Forest, and The Tennessee Titans are just a few who have discovered that Kettlebells are definitely not just another here today, gone tomorrow fitness trend. MMA fighters, The Secret Service, tri-athletes, cyclists, endurance athletes, firemen, police SWAT teams, the NFL, swimmers, special forces units, and average men and women who want to take their fitness to a higher level, are all utilizing the kettlebell. Even hollywood actors and entertainers like Cameron Diaz are enjoying the benefits from brutal kettlebell workouts.

The benefits of kettlebell training with proper form, under professional guidance are amazing!

Why Advanced Training Concepts?
The Difference is The Mission

Advanced Training Concepts is very different
from any gym or fitness program.

Advanced Training Concepts is a fully equipped training center that primarily focuses on the utilization of the kettlebell and other functional tools to enhance athletic performance, general physical preparation, and fitness.


Assessment and Orientation (A&O) >> A pre-requisite to all  ATC programs, A&O is an introduction to our methods of training and will help you determine if ATC programs are suited for your particular situation.

Kettlebell Lifting and Conditioning >>Designed for intermediate to advanced levels, the Kettlebell Lifting and Conditioning program is a year-round, high-intensity, Kettlebell and body-weight training program. If you are looking to build endurance, reduce body fat, and gain strength, power, and flexibility, then this is the program for you.

Elite Athletic Protocol >>EAP is a systematic method of Kettlebell Lifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Conventional Weightlifting, and other modalities designed to assist the average to advanced lifter as well as athletes achieve a greater level of GPP (general physical preparation).

Training Camp >>Training Camp is a 45 minute class geared toward building strength, flexibility, reducing body fat and improving overall level of fitness and athleticism.

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